“ANNOUNCING: New Hair Removal Technology Breakthrough”

Now you can enjoy smooth hair-free skin without painful waxing, the discomfort of ingrown hairs or a nasty shaving rash


If you’ve been searching for a safe, fast and long lasting hair removal solution, then you’re in the right place.

It won’t matter if it’s excessive facial hair or hair in noticeable problem areas.

You see, over 1000’s of hair removal procedures have been successfully carried out in world class facilities using this amazing medical grade Lumenis 1 technology.

That’s right, no discomfort during the procedure and no downtime! Just results with extremely high patient satisfaction.

Why? Because without medical-grade treatment, it simply grows back.

And in some cases, worse than it was before the treatment.

With every square centimeter of skin containing 1,200 hairs, it’s no wonder men feel like a piece of carpet… and women think everyone’s looking at them.

Just imagine ladies how your life will change when you can wear whatever you want on any occasion, go out with confidence and really enjoy yourself without the uncomfortable feeling everyone’s looking at your excess hair.

So why not join the growing thousands of everyday Australians who now enjoy a smoother, more comfortable and confident you!

It all starts with a 30 minute face-to-face consultation… where we will look at where your skin is at and suggest to you what needs to happen next to get you looking as good as you possibly can.

After all, results are guaranteed on all treatments.

This is exactly how it occurs for the many celebrities treated here at Karen Bowen Dermal Therapy.

Get started today by calling (08) 9316 3836.

What Clients Say And Dramatic Before & After Photos

Hair-Free And Happy
Results even better than promised
The difference is amazing, treatments almost painless!
Huge difference after just 1 treatment with Karen!