Medilift Perth

Diamond Medilift

Karen Bowen Dermal Therapist offers Diamond Medilift in Perth. A dermal therapy technique, it relies on the response of the muscles to electrical stimulation, employing a 5-wavelength device to tone the muscles and decrease and mobilise fat in certain areas. Diamond Medilift is effective in achieving non-surgical face-lifts and contouring the muscles of the face, jawline and neck.

Although introduced into Australia only recently, Medilift has been highly popular in Hollywood for some time.

  • On Dr Phil’s show of 8/12/04, his wife Robin cited Medilift as her favourite anti-ageing technology. Her skin-care expert performed Medilift treatments on two ‘makeover guests’ for the show and both were extremely happy with the results.
  • On an episode of the Live Like a Star television series aired on 28/7/04, the host attended a medical skin clinic in Beverly Hills and reported: “What people are flocking here for lately is the hottest new trend … called Medilift. It’s a non-surgical facial procedure that’s going to tighten, rejuvenate and tone your skin.”
  • On her show of 18/2/04 Oprah raved about the ‘micro-current’ treatment she had received: “I could see a difference in, like, a half hour. Your skin … gets pulled tighter. I came away from it feeling younger.”

More recently, Medilift was one of the most sought-after treatments before the Golden Globe Awards. Demi Moore, Sheryl Crowe and the cast of Friends are all proponents of the technique.

Mode of action of Medilift

As we age, muscle weakness and decreased tone prevail. And in the case of the face, although exercising the facial muscles is possible, it is also difficult when there are 108 of them. Medilift uses a combination of five unique wave patterns — both micro- and macro-current (faradic) technologies. These waveforms closely imitate the body’s own messages to its muscles (during a Medilift treatment you can actually feel the muscles contracting and relaxing) to stimulate muscle regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. With the help of special sculpting wands, Medilift thereby creates firmer, healthier-looking skin and a more youthful appearance.

In many instances, a Medilift procedure can replace a face-lift altogether. In cases where the muscles are not toned and have lost their bulk, the device can also be used before or after a face-lift, since surgical face-lifts do not normally address lack of muscle tone.

In general, a Medilift program requires 12 to 24 treatments, performed two or three times a week. And, as with any form of exercise, maintenance is required — one session a month is necessary for Medilift maintenance.

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