Skin Needling Perth – Derma Stamp Perth

Roll back the years with this revolutionary technology at Karen Bowen Dermal Therapist


Skin needling in Perth now offers two forms of the remarkable treatment known as skin needling.

The first form of needling, micro-needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT), uses a medical device, the Dermaroller® (also known as Derma Stamp), to improve the look, feel and strength of scarred, hyper-pigmented and/or ageing skin.

The second form of needling, RejuvaStamp™ electro collagen induction therapy (ECIT), works on roughly the same principle as micro-needling with the Dermaroller® and is used to address the same skin conditions, but is performed with an electronic needling device, so the treatment is more intensive and some downtime is involved.

Both forms of the procedure trigger very complex physiological processes, but the underlying principle is quite easy to understand. Put simply, skin needling in Perth utilises the body’s self-healing mechanisms to strengthen the skin and enhance its appearance, especially where there is scarring, pigmentation or sun damage.

(Please note: only the highest-quality sterile equipment is used, once only, then discarded.)

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