Sensational New and Affordable Way to Freshen Your Skin and Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines with the Latest Breakthrough Technology

Discover the all-new treatment from Europe that’s changing the lives of everyday women and men who want to “freshen up” their appearance – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see the noticeable results!


“Freshen me up please” is a common request from women and men who, when they look in the mirror, don’t like all the lines and wrinkles they see.

Now you can reduce the visible signs of aging thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough treatment from Europe that gives lasting results.

In as little as 4 treatments you can achieve a better, more youthful look.

This gentle, non-invasive drug free treatment rejuvenates the skin by naturally stimulating NEW collagen growth.

The great news is this breakthrough treatment is safe, scientifically proven, effective, painless and surgery free.

Unlike other treatments, you’ll experience no swelling or red blotches, so there’s no “down time”. You won’t need to be off work and you won’t have to stop any other activities you enjoy.

Why not get a whole NEW lease on life, just like these people have…after all, results are guaranteed on all treatments.

Before treatment left and after on the right… amazing results you can see…

This amazing treatment takes years off your skin as the before (at left) and after (at right) photos above show – isn’t it your turn to look your best?

If you feel you’re ready for some “me time” and want to look more vibrant and youthful, then get started today.

It all starts with a 30 minute face-to-face consultation… where we will look at where your skin is at and suggest to you what needs to happen next to get you looking as good as you possibly can.

This is exactly how it occurs for the many celebrities treated here at Karen Bowen Dermal Therapy.

This month as part of our “Look Your Best” promotion and as an extra incentive to get into action and start feeling and looking great, you can claim $100 off your first treatment by downloading the “voucher certificate” on this site… but only this month when you are one of the next 19 people to take advantage of this promotion.

Get started today by calling (08) 9316 3836.

What Clients Say And Dramatic Before & After Photos

I felt old and wrinkled
A fabulous representative of the industry she was in!