CosMedix peels for today and tomorrow


All ingredients in the CosMedix range, stocked by Karen Bowen Dermal Therapist, are purified to their most natural form and any potential irritants removed, to achieve optimum effectiveness when applied to the skin. This concept is known as ‘chiral correction’.

Given the choice, would you apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin or a soothing natural product instead? With CosMedix you now have that choice.

Traditional chemical peels destroy healthy skin tissue and force the body to heal itself. innovative, non-traumatic CosMedix peels, on the other hand, encourage a healthy change in the skin to create a beautifully renewed complexion — you achieve maximum results with minimum downtime.

Today’s Peels from Cosmedix can be used without any prior skin preparation, whereas Tomorrow’s Peels require 10 to 30 days of advance preparation.

Please note: If you’re unable to visit the clinic, just ask one of our friendly staff members to post your products to you.