Skin Medica Growth Factors Perth

Newly arrived at Karen Bowen Dermal Therapist is Skin Medica’s TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution) line, containing growth factors, the best anti-ageing remedy you’ll ever experience.

Now you too can enjoy the science of beautiful skin, both at home and during our in-clinic treatments.

Stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Lyndsay Lohan choose Skin Medica’s TNS  line to give them a smooth, flawless and radiantly youthful complexion. Oprah too has raved about Skin Medica’s TNS Recovery Complex, calling it her ‘magic lotion’.

Following meticulous research, Skin Medica has created a treatment that provides the skin with what it uses naturally to fight ageing: growth factors. This exciting breakthrough formula is light years ahead of its competitors in terms of concentration, delivery and stability.

Growth factors are proteins that regulate cell growth and the turnover of skin cells. Multiple growth factors are present in the skin and they work to maintain its health. As we age, however, the production of growth factors — and their levels in the body — decrease, resulting in such typical signs of ageing as fine lines and wrinkles. For that reason, topical growth factors can play a crucial role in skin repair and rejuvenation.

Skin Medica is well known for its TNS line of treatments containing NouriCel-MD, which combines natural growth factors, matrix proteins and soluble collagens to restore what time and the environment have taken away.

Skin Medica’s TNS is produced from human fibroblasts using a patented, highly effective process to maximise the concentration of growth factors while maintaining a natural physiological balance. The actions of TNS therefore mimic our body’s own restorative processes.

Please note: If you’re unable to visit the clinic, please ask one of our friendly staff members to post your products to you.